Character Gen

You have NO backstory past living at an orphanage in candlewick vale where your school got destroyed from the kids summoning demons in class. DO NOT think of a backstory. That is my job.

1) Think of your characters name, their personality and how they look.
2) Think of a power your character would have. (DO NOT: pause time, rewind time, fast forward time, travel in time, touch time, look at time, flirt with time or even give time a passing glance… you get the picture).
3) Decide what part of the body that power would come under: a seeing power would be face or brains, changing things around or reaching through dimensions you might be hands, super speed (not to be confused with wicked fast) could be feet etc.
4) Give that power 5 dice.
5) Split 11 dice between your 5 body parts, min 1, max 5 for each.
6) Split 5 dice per die on each body part between your skills under that location excluding your power. Max of 5 for each. These can also be spent on extras on those skills
Ex. If you put 3 dice on feet, you have fifteen dice to spend on the skills under feet. You might put 4 dice on each skill and Awesome 3 on P.E.

Awesome 1: Set a die before a roll. (good for aiming)
Awesome 2: Set a die after a roll. (auto succeed)
Awesome 3: Set a die before and after a roll.
Wicked fast: Adds one to the width of each roll for the skill for each time bought
Gnarly: Add one to the damage of a hit for each time this is bought for the skill.
Burn: This continues to inflict damage on the person who was hit with this skill. They have to spend a round patting the fire out before the damage stops..
Spray: Each time this is bought lets you keep an extra set of damage dice.
if you roll 3×6, 2×2 and 1×5 and have bought spray 1 you do damage to location 6 and 2
Area: Adds a 5ft radius to the attack from the main target. Each person in the area of this attack rolls the area die/dice and each number is one damage to that number location.

7) Think of three imprints. These are things that could trigger a memory of your past. These can be things like smells, feels, sights, tastes. Try and keep it to things that would have been common in the 30’s ish.
8) Split 7 dice between these imprints, min 1 on each.

CONGRATS you have a character, now your job is to not let it die :)

Character Gen

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