In a new plane...


Who wrecked your house?
Imortality crystals
How to change to non humans

The blog

You have been living in your own house for a year now taking on odd jobs when you can.
The meeting went well, nothing went too wrong. Knobbles was kept in a bubble and you now know a few more of the higher ups. You found out about a crystal that is said to give immortality. You went below one of the islands and found some valuable crystals but not the ones you were looking for. Knobbles poked is eye out and now wears an eye patch.
When you returned home you discovered your house had been vandelized so you did some scouting on the local gang and seemed to gain their trust. Leeroy got high.

After delivering the message to Frederick he told you that you were “invited” to the council meeting. Knobbles was left behind but once the group had arrived at the council base he was discovered in the van that had fallen off the edge of the floating island. Baruta later turned up and there were some discussions about the meeting the next day.

You delivered the message to Rachel, stayed over and did research on the founding of the towns, the great war and other things. When you got back you delivered Rachel’s reply to Frederick which was to say she would not go and help the council.

Frederick has asked you to deliver a message about the council to someone in Fortaare. You set off straight away going towards the lake with the horse and cart.

You camped by the lake and encountered a massive snake. You now know that you shouldn’t try to fight the snake but it probably won’t attack you.

The next day you headed through the forest to a crossing point in the river that runs south. By midday you were at the edge of the forest with the villages of Fortaare on the horizon.

You will reach Fortaare this evening if you keep going straight there.


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