In the Outlands souls are a questionable theory as to who we are. In Celestia they are a currency and food source. Some are thought of like a rare and old bottle of wine and different people like different souls.

Baruta a very old and powerful demon collects souls of people by bargaining with them. To humans he is like the devil. Cecil, your ancestor promised his soul to Baruta and later changed his mind. Baruta made him an immortal in the human world so he could watch his descendants grow up with mutations and poverty.

Souls of regular people are not worth much but the persons intentions as they lived flavor the soul. A man who lived to work to live would be the blandest of all but a child who wanted friends would be like a sweet. Non-humans can tell what a soul will be like by holding it.

No matter who devours a soul, when it is gone, the person who once was disapears. Of course, no one knows what it’s like to be dead and the one time a soul was put in to a new body they couldn’t describe it. Time didn’t seem to have passed for them.


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